Friday, 30 March 2018

Patchwork Project Bag No. 2

Swapping between all my interests I often find myself in a bit of a muddle - Surprise? - No.
On a table next to my armchair in the living room are the DMC threads from my cross stitch, mixed together with my crochet shawl, balls of wool, patterns, scissors, markers etc.
Endlessly trying to be a tidier person I decided to make another project bag in order to separate things.
Of course, then, in my workroom I have fabrics, cutting mats, threads and sewing machine out to make the bag.
Having lots of scraps of browns and yellows I set about making another in the heart pattern I used before. The bag size is perfect for quilts or knitting as It is almost 20" wide.
I took the cutting mat, wheel and rulers into the kitchen as the worktop height is good to cut standing up, plus the iron and ironing board are there.
Once the hearts were constructed I needed a bigger place to lay them out, and I take them to the dining table.
If you were keeping up with me, I have now taken over four rooms with my stuff!
Project Bag No. 2

The bag is perfect. I put my crochet into it, folded away the ironing board, vacuumed the floors, hide my tools away and yes, I look quite like a tidy person for a while!
Making the bag was also a test for my sewing machine. Only 6 years old and it had become noisy. The needle was never in the centre and sometimes it scared the life out of me as the needle hit the foot and broke with a bang because it had moved over to the left!
It had to have the Step Motor replaced and now works as if it is a new machine, thank goodness.
Now to do something about my knitting needles - they need a bag.
It's Good Friday, I hope it is a good one for you,

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