Friday, 12 August 2016

The Driftwood Quilt

If I hadn't seen a finished quilt like this I wouldn't have thought about making one in this way. It was hanging in a patchwork shop and I fell in love with it. It's put together in a very different way to most others.
It's a throw size 'quilt as you go' which is easy enough but once the joining up starts, it all seems wrong as this one leaves the raw edges on the right side! And to frighten you even more, you then cut into all the seams! I had to be brave and tell myself it would all be ok,,,,,,,,,,
And it was!

Once all the seams have been snipped at half inch intervals you then wash it and put it in the tumble dryer.
The seams have become ragged and very natural looking which is the look I loved when I saw it in the shop.
Do ensure you empty the fluff box in the dryer afterwards as there is what can only be described as a very colourful bird's nest in there!
I'm so pleased with the quilt, the colours are beautiful, subtle shades and do resemble the colours of pebbles, driftwood and sand

It's a very hot August day but now I have something to look forward to using during the colder months that will, hopefully remind me of summer.
I hope you have a sunny weekend,