Friday, 27 November 2015

Jelly Roll Quilt

I can't resist Jelly rolls, the colours all blend together so beautifully, I find it hard to choose just one.
I recently had a day with my oldest friend (not in age but in years of knowing each other) and she took me to her local patchwork shop where I was in a frenzy -  deciding what to leave behind, I wanted it all!
I had bought a jelly roll previously from a shop near my sister to make my granddaughter a small quilt but the shop was very tiny and didn't have a great choice of other fabrics.
I'm drawn to fabric shops wherever I go and have got to know where they all are, so I now manage to buy fabric when visiting most of my friends and family!
My 'old friend' Maureen is a patchwork expert and even holds patchwork classes so I was in good hands as she helped me choose fabrics to go with the jelly roll.
This is the Moda Jelly Roll opened and in the process of being cut up!
Maureen recommended a book called Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott which I bought on Amazon. Naturally I intend to make every quilt in the book but for starters I chose the Classic Sampler Quilt which I've been working on for a few weeks and have now pieced together all the squares and I'm working on the sashing. Hey listen to me, talking the talk!
I did make a mistake straight away with the first square and cut a  pair of triangles wrong as I turned the set square back to front so I moved on to the next square. Patchwork is just that, patches; so I was able to get around the problem with a bit of extra fabric left over at the end. There are several mistakes here and there but even I can't find them now. Maureen hasn't seen it yet though...........
Hopefully a photo of it next week.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Flower Garden Crochet Blanket

When my granddaughter was born I found a lovely pattern for a crochet blanket on a blog by Sharron called Annie's Place
Sharron wrote a pattern for the square and generously shares it on her blog. I found it easy to follow and fun to do.
I used 18 different colours which kept me interested, swapping them around and I didn't make two squares the same, finally joining and edging the blanket with white.

  I used Catania Cotton yarn that Sharron used and I wasn't disappointed, it works beautifully.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Batman Cape

'Grandma, please can you make me a Batman cape?'
How could I resist my angelic little grandson? Three year olds think Grandmas can make anything - after all, she makes Mummy dresses and alters the curtains, crochets blankets, toy rabbits and baby hats.
I assured him I would make one and the next week I spent time researching Batman; I hadn't taken much notice of his attire before.
I found plenty of pictures on-line and even a batman symbol which I managed to copy and cut out in yellow felt. Digging deep into my fabric stash I found some black cotton which I obviously bought knowing I'd need it one day. I cut a cape shape and finished it with batwings at the bottom, using my overlocker. (Yes, I have an over locker! I always wanted one and luckily I went to Lidl the week they had them in store).
Feeling very pleased with my efforts I made a face mask as well and was really excited as I set off the next week to visit my daughter and grandchildren.
My grandson wooped with joy when he saw it and after I'd dressed him up  he rushed around the house like a little mad thing with his cape flying out the back. I hugged my little Batman and asked him if he liked his outfit. 'Yes' he said, 'but I really wanted one for my toy Batman!'
Oh silly Grandma!!!
I'll try to get it right next time!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Patchwork Cushion - Dresden Plate

I'm a true miniaturist at heart and although I enjoy all kinds of crafts and often start new things, the pull of miniature making is strong and my other projects fall by the wayside.
I did however, finish this Dresden plate cushion which I made for a friend's birthday - and I finished it on time!

It was quick to do and I managed to make it before I lost interest, unlike the quilt I'm putting together for my granddaughter. I'm using a design from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I'm working on the Classic Sampler Quilt of 12 different squares, using a pretty Jelly Roll from Moda.
I'll post some photos of my progress next time.
It's Friday again, so enjoy your weekend,