Sunday, 8 January 2017

Play Food

My granddaughter was two years old recently and she had a little kitchen for her birthday. I thought I'd make her some food to cook. This is some of it but I forgot to take a photo of the chips, sausages, donuts and strawberries.
 She was delighted and played with it all day.
She had a birthday cake - dare I say 'Elsa' theme from Frozen...... we're all a little tired of Elsa now but my granddaughter wears her dress and the shoes all day, even though the shoes are so many sizes too big! Her little feet almost go right through the shoe. She's so cute but we just have to laugh.
I kept the ribbon from the cake and this weekend I made her an Elsa birthday cake to play with.
I used a CD container for the cake, covered it all with felt, printed a picture for the top and gathered up felt for the icing. I glued it all together with my glue gun. I'm not sure the candle will last long but I did support it from inside with 'feet' stuck all around it, on top of the CD case before putting on the picture.
I've also worked a little on the sheep for the draught excluder, I'll put on some photos next time.
Have a good week making things!