Monday, 31 August 2015

Happy Bunnies!

A very big welcome to my new blog!
A blog full of all my random, handmade projects. I have so many interests and hobbies that involve making things, so I hope you'll find something to interest you and maybe, also inspire those who want to try creating something but have never tried.
I'll start with my rabbits. I couldn't get a pattern for a rabbit I liked so made my own. Sitting with a notebook and pen I wrote down everything, round by round and after a few changes here and there, I ended up with a basket of Happy Bunnies! Using the same pattern but different yarns and hooks, the rabbits came out all different sizes. The tiny ones are suitable for my dollshouse while the bigger ones can be dressed and given to children. I have stitched all the features, so no hazards for babies.
 This style of crochet is called amigurumi and is done in the round and not in rows.
It's a wet Bank Holiday Monday so grab a hook and yarn and stay dry indoors making something!