Thursday, 8 March 2018

Crochet Along Shawl Is Finished!

A really fun, fast make and here is the completed shawl.

 Just seven evenings work!
 I enjoyed making this and will probably make more in other colours.
I'm on a roll now!
Want to give it a try? Visit Diana here for the pattern.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

English Paper Pieced Pin Cushion

This is a kit by Sew Motion which I fell in love with and just had to have.
It comes with more than enough fabric and has very clear instructions.

In the past, I have always tacked my papers to the fabric shapes but the kit suggested glue and as my friend glues hers successfully I thought I'd follow suit.
Using 'Sewline' fabric glue pen I glued merrily away. The glue held well and I carefully hand stitched the shapes together.
I then had to remove the papers, this was where the trouble began. The glue held fast.

The only way forward was to keep going but the fabric was becoming frayed despite my trying to slide a pin or the end of my tweezers between the fabric and paper to help release it.
I thought I was going to totally ruin the patchwork.

 The edges had frayed but bits of paper were glued too hard for me to remove without shredding the fabric, so I had to leave them.

It took ages and I was left with a mess.

I carefully folded the turnings inside and as best I could, ironed them down again. I then pinned the patchwork down to the plain fabric very carefully. 
I stitched slowly,  pushing in any ends as I went and I used an even smaller and tighter stitch then I usually would.
Now that it is complete I'm quite happy but will avoid putting pins near the edges of the patchwork for fear of wearing it.
It is large and heavy, as I filled it with ground walnut shells which stops it flipping around and also keeps the pins sharp.

I love the look, I love the vintage 30s fabric.
I shall think twice before using fabric glue again though.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Crochet-along Shawls

It's been a while since I last crocheted anything; I seemed to have overdosed on it for a couple of years and then I moved on.
Now that I've tired myself of quilting I'm ready to crochet again.

Diana, one of the ladies I sometimes see at our local 'Knit and Natter' was wearing a beautiful scarf she had made and as she had just completed the pattern and started a 'Crochet-Along' on Ravelry 
I decided it was just what I needed with the freezing, sub-zero temperatures we're having this week!

The yarn I ordered arrived this morning and I've just started to make it. I'm using Drops Fabel, colour 151 and I'm finding it very smooth to handle.

You can also find Diana of The Crochet Chain here
I hope you're keeping warm and cosy,

Friday, 5 January 2018

Baby Harness Face Protectors

'Face Protectors', 'Harness Softies', 'Cushy Straps', whatever you call them, can be found in shops and online but I decided to make some for a friend's newborn grandson.

I used some bright fabric with cars on for one side and for the other, I used a soft fleece. They are reversible and can be washed easily.

Just a strip of velcro to fasten them. A nice quick project!

The weekend is almost here, I hope you have you have a good one,

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

More Sparkly Hearts for Christmas

I had so much fun making and decorating the Heart Wreath last year that I decided to make more!
I sourced all the sparkly fabrics and trims at the Knitting and Stitching show and the Autumn Quilt Festival at Duxford.

 Decorating the hearts is the best bit!

I now have a huge stash of sparkly bling!

Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas Decorations

For once I started making Christmas decorations in good time and was able to make several.
First I made some trees using strips of various Christmas prints I had.

Then a sweet felt heart with a snowman looking up to the sky copying one I saw on Pinterest. My little grandson loved it.
I made a cat for my granddaughter (not just for Christmas, as they say!)
The last selection was made from a lovely pattern I bought at the Duxford fair recently called Deck the Advent Tree by Brenda Walker.
They were well received by my grandchildren yesterday and soon found spaces for them on their Christmas tree.
I love Christmas!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Barbie Wardrobe. Dress 1

I recently stayed with my friend in Spain and as we share our hobbies and ideas we jumped in and made a few things.
We worked on a couple of her miniature kits and then moved on to bigger scale dolls.

I have always understood the need to buy plenty of what I like (in case it goes out of fashion and I can't get it any more) but Barbie?!!!

My friend must have an insight, suggesting that Barbie production is about to end. I lost count of the Barbies that she got out of her cupboards and drawers. We laughed as yet another and another appeared!
Needless to say, we decided to make Barbie outfits and that mood continued after I arrived home. I dug out the most needy, shabby Barbie from my collection of three that I'd bought years ago from charity shops. One of them desperately needed a hair-do!
After a shampoo I conditioned her hair and combed it smooth and while it dried I made her a dress from two coordinating Tilda fabrics.

That was as far as my 'need to make Barbie clothes' went, I lost interest quickly.
This Barbie now sits on a shelf waiting for the rest of her wardrobe, which will come - one day when I get the 'need to make Barbie clothes' feeling again.