Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Little Knitted Friends

Having crocheted just about anything and everything for a long while I thought I would never knit again but the need to knit just crept up on me one day.

Like an addict for a quick fix, I bought a giant ball of wool to knit an aran cardigan but soon gave up. Too much concentration was needed to work on it at the Knit and Natter group especially as there is often more nattering than knitting.
And I didn't like the way the cheap yarn fuzzed up so much.
So that is now living in the bag in my 'wool cupboard' with some of my stash.

It's the miniaturist in me that says 'Make small, make small'. I heard that little voice and thought of little people.
A long while ago my daughter bought me a book, some years ago actually, it is William and Kate's wedding.
I decided to create the K and N group, using up some of my mountain of stashed wool.
Using the Queen and Camilla as models I began but soon realised, as usual, the stash was not going to provide me with enough bodies so I had to buy more yarn!

Then, of course, the colours were not right for the clothes I needed to make. Aha, yes, buy more yarn!
I chose Ricorumi DK 100% cotton partly because it comes in tiny 25gm balls. It's also lovely and firm for the bodies, unlike an acrylic mix I used for one poor lady who might have to endure pipe cleaner insertion.
A sneak peak of the first lady I made and have finished.
Others in various stages, like this one in her leggings, getting her hair done!
The hair, I found is the hardest to get right. The book gives instructions for wigs, but without a hat on top, they looked as though they were wearing helmets so I have rooted my ladies' hair using a crochet hook.

Hopefully more to show soon

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Clothes for Dolls - The First Dress

Since I finished the last shawl, I have been a bit distracted by the heatwave we are having here!
Until the temperature drops, I shall have hands too clammy and brain to fuggy to concentrate on a cosy, warm shawl.

Thinking back to Christmas, a bit crazy in this heat, I know, but I had put an 18" doll on my wish list, just because I'm still a kid at heart and I love making clothes for dolls.

Christmas Day I was presented with Rose and I was so pleased but as I had some other projects started and I've been trying very hard to finish things, I put her in my queue to wait her turn!

After a couple of months, I started to be asked 'Have you made any clothes for your doll yet? And they kept asking, so despite having a work table covered in various works in progress, I spread to the dining table with fabric and sewing machine, as you do, and came up with this dress.
I had plans to make a matching hairband but time was getting on and I had to clear away all signs of having broken my self-discipline and spread to other rooms.
She will get a hairband and more clothes once I finish the new knitting project I've started and am really excited about!
I am making tiny things so can do them in the evenings as the temperature cools a bit. More about that another time.

Rose is very well made and a dream to fit as the clothes are not too tiny or fiddley, although they do take more fabric than I expected but then I'm used to making tiny miniatures that use just scraps.

A little tip I've found very helpful when sitting outside place both feet in a bowl of cold water. It cools the blood nicely!

Stay cool and carry on!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Double Pointed Needle Cases

The sets of double pointed needles I have are usually rolling around somewhere they shouldn't. There is always one missing. They are too short for the needle case I made and they fall out of the cardboard pack they are sold in.
I have made individual pouches for each set and have made three so far.

They simply fold over and fasten with a fancy button.
I will now be able to find a set quickly and easily - that's the plan, anyway!

The Finished Perranporth Shawl

It was an incredible feat for me, to finish yet another project!
The pattern was easy but with enough counting to keep my brain active!
The Sheejies yarn is lovely and soft so worked nicely and didn't make my hands ache.
It was a warm day last Thursday when I took it to my daughter but she loved it, thank goodness, and wrapped herself inside it.
The shape is a triangle with one elongated end so can be worn in several different ways.
I'm looking forward to making the next one in the 'Crochet Along' but I'm enjoying the warm weather we have here this week and not really thinking of warm things. I hope you have some sunshine, too.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Knitting Needle Wrap

The drawstring sack holding my knitting needles wasn't working. Having to tip out all the needles to find a pair had exasperated me for years!
A wet Easter holiday gave me the time I needed to construct a wrap for my most used needles, 2mm to 5 mm. I had green fabric left over from a cushion I made my granddaughter and used a small red gingham for the lining. I sandwiched a piece of thin batting between them.
 I can now find a pair of needles I need quickly as I have sewn compartments in the bottom keeping the needles separated into sized groups.
Making the strap across the middle stops the needles sliding sideways when wrapping them up.
I had toyed with the idea of snap fasteners to close it but I'd made far more bias strip than I needed so made some ties which are sewn in place.
All the seldom used, larger needles remain in the sack at the back of the cupboard.
A perfect resolve!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Update on the Crochet Along

My second Praze an Beeble shawl was finished last week.
The colours remind me of the beach, one of my favourite places to be.

As the yarn had arrived from Deramores for the second shawl I moved swiftly on and started the Perranporth Shawl by Diana of The Crochet Chain
I'm using Sheepjes this time. I was immediately impressed with the softness but the brilliant tag on the start of the yarn is so simple but such a massive help to find the end, inside the ball as I like to use it this way.

 And here is my work snuggled inside the new work bag which has room for all the yarn and the pouch I made to carry hooks, scissors, markers etc.
Happy Easter and enjoy!

Friday, 30 March 2018

Patchwork Project Bag No. 2

Swapping between all my interests I often find myself in a bit of a muddle - Surprise? - No.
On a table next to my armchair in the living room are the DMC threads from my cross stitch, mixed together with my crochet shawl, balls of wool, patterns, scissors, markers etc.
Endlessly trying to be a tidier person I decided to make another project bag in order to separate things.
Of course, then, in my workroom I have fabrics, cutting mats, threads and sewing machine out to make the bag.
Having lots of scraps of browns and yellows I set about making another in the heart pattern I used before. The bag size is perfect for quilts or knitting as It is almost 20" wide.
I took the cutting mat, wheel and rulers into the kitchen as the worktop height is good to cut standing up, plus the iron and ironing board are there.
Once the hearts were constructed I needed a bigger place to lay them out, and I take them to the dining table.
If you were keeping up with me, I have now taken over four rooms with my stuff!
Project Bag No. 2

The bag is perfect. I put my crochet into it, folded away the ironing board, vacuumed the floors, hide my tools away and yes, I look quite like a tidy person for a while!
Making the bag was also a test for my sewing machine. Only 6 years old and it had become noisy. The needle was never in the centre and sometimes it scared the life out of me as the needle hit the foot and broke with a bang because it had moved over to the left!
It had to have the Step Motor replaced and now works as if it is a new machine, thank goodness.
Now to do something about my knitting needles - they need a bag.
It's Good Friday, I hope it is a good one for you,