Friday, 17 August 2018

Little Knitted Friends - Part Two

The ladies in the Knit and Natter group come and go but there is a core of regulars I have got to know quite well. Being able to create these ladies at home with only a memory of them in my head I have created little comic strip character of each of them, including myself.

The great unveiling of them was this week and thankfully no one was upset, although one lady thought her hair needed restyling! I shall attempt to do that for her.
We all laughed at ourselves and also each other, especially when one lady made a late entrance and we saw that she was wearing the very outfit I'd knitted!
Here are all the girls together.

I really couldn't be bothered with shoes, I only made one pair and as for glasses - only one of us doesn't wear them, so I decided not to bother as the project was intended to be knitted. I didn't want to get into polymer clay, cardboard or wire.
For the same reason, I didn't make handbags.
 This is the glamorous owner of the tea shop, Antonia. She kindly allows our Knit and Natter group to take over part of her shop once a week with positively more nattering than knitting!

 This is me!

 This lady tries to knit and natter but can't do both together so she has given up the knitting part!

 This is the lovely lady who arrived today in this very outfit!

 The lady who can't afford a decent pair of jeans!

 We love the colourful outfits worn by this lady.

 Mauves and blues are this lady's favourite colours.

 Colourful skirts and chunky jewellery are this lady's choice.

Maybe the glasses, shoes and handbags will come later when I need something to do on a cold winter's day but until then, they are finished.
It's the weekend, I hope you have a good one,

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