Saturday, 21 November 2015

Batman Cape

'Grandma, please can you make me a Batman cape?'
How could I resist my angelic little grandson? Three year olds think Grandmas can make anything - after all, she makes Mummy dresses and alters the curtains, crochets blankets, toy rabbits and baby hats.
I assured him I would make one and the next week I spent time researching Batman; I hadn't taken much notice of his attire before.
I found plenty of pictures on-line and even a batman symbol which I managed to copy and cut out in yellow felt. Digging deep into my fabric stash I found some black cotton which I obviously bought knowing I'd need it one day. I cut a cape shape and finished it with batwings at the bottom, using my overlocker. (Yes, I have an over locker! I always wanted one and luckily I went to Lidl the week they had them in store).
Feeling very pleased with my efforts I made a face mask as well and was really excited as I set off the next week to visit my daughter and grandchildren.
My grandson wooped with joy when he saw it and after I'd dressed him up  he rushed around the house like a little mad thing with his cape flying out the back. I hugged my little Batman and asked him if he liked his outfit. 'Yes' he said, 'but I really wanted one for my toy Batman!'
Oh silly Grandma!!!
I'll try to get it right next time!

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