Friday, 23 March 2018

Crochet Along - Another Shawl

Making the first shawl was fun and quick to work. It did my moral good to finish something. Those who know me understand my lack of  self discipline. I get bored easily and have to break off a big project to make something small and quick inbetween, hence my many 'works in progress'.
Actually getting to wear my shawl  was so moral boosting that I started another one immediately!

I finished this one also but no photo as it's currently 'missing' in my workroom somewhere!
I had to hastily make space on my table as my sewing machine, which has been repaired, was back and I needed to try it.
This morning I started working on the next shawl in the Crochet Along, the Perranporth Shawl by Diana Bensted
For this shawl I'm using Sheepies mix of cotton and acrylic.
I've placed a marker on the straight edge so that I remember which side to increase.

I'm making this one for my daughter, hopefully in time for Easter, nothing like pressure to get me moving!
Have a good weekend!

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