Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Little Bat Man Cape Challenge!

Looking back to last year, I wrote about the Bat Man cape I mistakenly made for my little grandson when in actual fact he was asking me for a cape for his tiny Bat Man.
I'm pleased to say that after a few prompts from my grandson I did finally make a tiny one. This Bat Man is not your average Action Man size but a tiny, fiddly little one.
I made a pattern from kitchen roll and after a few fiddles I got it right.

The black fabric I have in my stash is limited, not a colour I like to use and I was just about to cut up a camisole when I discovered I had some knitted nylon iron-on stiffening; from where I don't know but it seemed right for the job as it drapes.
Using a knitted fabric was the best idea as it didn't need hemming which would be difficult at this scale and make the edges stiff.
I downloaded a Bat Man logo and cut it out onto some self adhesive yellow vinyl, another amazing find in the depths of my stash cupboard.
The hardest bit was sewing on the tiniest square of Velcro to the neck strap. I could see this being torn off in no time but luckily the neck hole is big enough to slip on and off without undoing it!
And here is Bat Man posing with his new cape.

I'm now sitting back smugly, wondering what my next challenge will be......!

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