Sunday, 6 November 2016

Pin Cushion Danger

I never used a pin cushion, I always used the pins straight from the tin. If I upset the tin and had a major spill over myself and the floor I would find the last few with the help of a magnet.
A few years ago I found a lovely pattern to make felt pin cushions and as usual I made lots.
I have only used one of them and after four years it had become rather full and I was sometimes stabbed when I picked it up so yesterday I sorted it out. I found all these pins.
And these.
A few big needles were also in there but when I squeezed it I found a few smaller needles embedded deep inside and a few more.......
I was stabbed several times as I squeezed and I thought I had them all until I dragged a magnet past the pin cushion and it moved. There were three more inside.
Altogether there were 27 needles!
This poor little pin cushion has served me well but I will not put a needle in it again unless it is threaded and easy to see!
Beware the hidden dangers of the pin cushion!!!

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