Monday, 14 November 2016

Padded Heart Christmas Wreath

At the Duxford Quilt Fair last month I spotted this beautiful silvery heart wreath and just had to make one, you know how it is when you get the wants!
The photo on the pack doesn't do the finished wreath justice.
The fabrics are silvery and shiny, with lots of sparkle. All the fabrics and the bling is included; 12 packs of decorations and beautiful silver cord to trim the hearts.
Included also is the 'invisible' thread for sewing on the decorations and cord, and even a needle and needle threader!
I've sewn together all the hearts.

I started with the top heart, no 12. I stuffed it and sewed on the cord.
Last of all I added the decorations. Here it is finished and secured onto the ring with two safety pins at the back.
Here are the first three finished and pinned in place. No.s 12, 11 and 10
I've stopped for a while now as I've been asked to make some boy rabbits. I do like to swap my attention regularly!
Have a good week,

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