Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The End of the Applique Sheep!

At last, the sheep draught excluder is finished!
It was difficult to applique the last sheep because of the thickness of fabrics to squash up into my hand. Turning it round as I stitched was a problem. 
The sheep that were cut from the very loosely woven checked fabric wanted to fray so some very strange stitches were added to the buttonhole stitch here and there.

 This was the first sheep

Finally, it's finished and sitting along a door, keeping out the draught!
I made it for my sister who loved it but said it was too good to go on the floor and has it lying across the back of her sofa!
Maybe when winter comes and the house is cold she might need to put the sheep on the floor.

Thank you for looking, I hope your week is going well,

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