Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Knitting Needle Wrap

The drawstring sack holding my knitting needles wasn't working. Having to tip out all the needles to find a pair had exasperated me for years!
A wet Easter holiday gave me the time I needed to construct a wrap for my most used needles, 2mm to 5 mm. I had green fabric left over from a cushion I made my granddaughter and used a small red gingham for the lining. I sandwiched a piece of thin batting between them.
 I can now find a pair of needles I need quickly as I have sewn compartments in the bottom keeping the needles separated into sized groups.
Making the strap across the middle stops the needles sliding sideways when wrapping them up.
I had toyed with the idea of snap fasteners to close it but I'd made far more bias strip than I needed so made some ties which are sewn in place.
All the seldom used, larger needles remain in the sack at the back of the cupboard.
A perfect resolve!

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